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11 Ways to Quickly Increase Traffic

11 ways to quickly increase traffic You think how to promote your offer and increase traffic to your Landing, but do not have a big budget and an army of experts? We offer you 11 tips on how to quickly get the most from your online marketing with minimal cost, which will be useful as Internet marketers and sellers with same side. 1. Remarketing in social networks Facebook is an excellent tool for promoting the B2C and B2B sectors. Did you know that you can configure the remarketing audience in social networks? Tracking customers who have visited your Landing in […]

Shared Web Hosting: Linux or Windows?

Shared Web Hosting: Linux or Windows? When selecting a share hosting package should first decide on the platforms: Windows or Linux? Since shared hosting most of the problems passed on to the provider, the client is the difference between Windows and Linux hosting is the software compatibility with the chosen OS. Hosting on Windows choose if you want to support ASP and database MSSQL. Linux hosting is for those who work with PHP, PERL, MySQL, WordPress and uses SSH access. Web servers Apache free web server that provides optimal performance PHP and Perl. You can use .htaccess to install additional […]

Content management system (CMS)

Content management system (CMS – content management system) – to be? Today, when the information is changing every minute, the owner of an Internet project it is necessary to have at hand a convenient means of controlling the operation of the site and its content (content). For these purposes and designed content management system. Experience of using positively proven system CMS (Content Management System – CMS), has shown that the creation of quality site, without any serious effort to control the content and support is indeed possible. Easy content management, its support, promotion in search engines – is the distinctive […]

12 working methods of free accommodation backlink to your website

Image Credit: 12 working methods of free accommodation backlink to your website 12 working methods of free accommodation backlink to your website Often there are situations where the budget for the links (in the future I will use the word “backlinks”) is missing or want a reference for free. Then the question arises: where you can post a link to your website for free? Due to the fact that now forever selling links and rent, many webmaster always just buy links. And for good reason, purchase certainly saves a lot of time and effort, but you spend money and […]

One Page Website Design in 25 incredible examples

Image Credit: One Page Website Design in 25 incredible examples Designing a single page design may seem a trifling matter, but in reality it is the most difficult work, the results of which help to succeed. Designers need to be aware of the fact that the design of the website should be created so as to accommodate all its contents. The same applies to the design of the entire page. Placing all the information on one page certainly makes sense if this information is not much. If you’re thinking hard to choose this path for his next project, we […]

Google Uses Search Engine Filters Name for Filtering Webpage

Image Credit: Google Uses Search Engine Filters Name Hello dear blog readers! I’m Malik and today we will talk about Google Uses Search Engine Filters and methods to solve them. List of all the filters will demonstrate to Google in image: Filters Google what is this: Search engine trying to make the issue as soon as possible relevant to your search eliminating (or reducing positions) bad sites. The names of the different algorithms and Google has them a little more, but the principle remains the same. Consider everything in order. Google Filter Name: Panda This algorithm filtering of search […]