What makes us different?
Our work, our passion and our people.

Advance Institute of Technology (AIT) - AITWebDesign.

We are the stewards of a new way of thinking. A diverse team of creatives, thinkers and producers who share the obsession of consumer understanding, the power of ideas and his craft.

Community, Education, Certification, Freelancing

Advance Institute of Technology (AIT), We are AITWebDesign is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the support of individuals and organizations who develop, maintenance, manage and market web sites.

The organization provides education, training resources and certification as well as high skilled professional freelancer for web development job.

Mission statement

  • Foster professional standards
  • Advocate on behalf of Web Professionals
  • Free web development courses to make high professional freelancer for outsourcing job and arrange job, have successfully completed their course
  • Provide for communication among all web professionals, including corporate webmasters, developers and designers in government, business, and education, independent web professionals, and the aspiring such as students
  • Provide for education through the development of curriculum standards, publishing of articles and books, professional papers, and the sponsoring of seminars and conferences
  • Stimulate the continued growth of the Web by providing a forum for the raising of new ideas and an effective mechanism for dialog on these issues
  • Provide security, legal and marketing white papers as well as an area on the latest trends in the Internet on each of those