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11 Ways to Quickly Increase Traffic

11 ways to quickly increase traffic

You think how to promote your offer and increase traffic to your Landing, but do not have a big budget and an army of experts? We offer you 11 tips on how to quickly get the most from your online marketing with minimal cost, which will be useful as Internet marketers and sellers with same side.

1. Remarketing in social networks


Facebook is an excellent tool for promoting the B2C and B2B sectors. Did you know that you can configure the remarketing audience in social networks? Tracking customers who have visited your Landing in social networks will help you create a good return traffic. You can start with a small audience, for example, to Facebook – 100 people.

2. Tie the social networks and e-mail


Use your list of e-mail mailing productive! You can upload it to social network and get all the user accounts that are registered to them. Thus, you get a big advantage, because you can extend the reach of the audience in social networks plus – to capture them on mobile devices.

3. Make friends with twitter


The tweet has the same remarketing function, as in Facebook, with a difference of only a minimal audience – 500. You can also make more attractive tweets with images and buttons STA, which is said to polls, get 18% more clicks than regular tweets.

4. Spend 80% of the time on the ad title


Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will read only the title of your advertisement? In this case, spend most of their time on the title, in fact it will attract the attention of your audience and push them to the desired action.

5. Create your own blog


Blogs are really able to attract traffic. Experiments show that increasing the posts on the blog from 1 to 10 posts per week increases traffic increase by 300% for two months.

6. Share your posts to other blogs


Pick blogs operating in your subject and agree with them on mutual exchange of posts. This is quite an effective way to attract new customers, because your content will appear CA concerned immediately.

7. Promote your pages in social networks


To your posts and ads were visible you need to invest in them some money, because the social network try to remain as attractive for users and meet their desires, and at the same time actively monetized. Because of this, your regular post may be lost in the news bulletin, but the ad – appears to the user in any case. Therefore, to have a good traffic from social networks is needed and the right strategy, albeit a small budget.

8. Create an entertaining and interactive content


Polls, quizzes and competitions are very good to enhance customer interaction. There are special free services to create polls and quizzes, where you will be able to create a suitable you post on your blog and attract more traffic to the site.

9. Optimize your page for SEO


Manipulate and disburse your ranking in the search engines – a losing strategy. Instead, invest energy and resources into optimizing your site and make it more attractive as possible for search engines. Time spent on SEO optimization, always pays off.

10. Create a Podcast


If you are not sure that you can create, interesting and attractive for customers text content – create a podcast. Podcasts are increasingly distributed and are a sure way to attract traffic. To invite a famous guest, who has a lot of support in social networks? He will share the recording with your participation, and you thus reach a large audience and increase traffic to your site.

11. Find a partner in your industry


Find good partners and establish a working relationship with them that will benefit both sides. The trick is to find a partner site with more coverage than your CA and potentially concerned, ie partner in a related niche. Thus, you will be able to share posts or announcements about each other and have mutual traffic inflow.


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