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Shared Web Hosting: Linux or Windows?

Shared Web Hosting: Linux or Windows?

When selecting a share hosting package should first decide on the platforms: Windows or Linux? Since shared hosting most of the problems passed on to the provider, the client is the difference between Windows and Linux hosting is the software compatibility with the chosen OS.

Hosting on Windows choose if you want to support ASP and database MSSQL. Linux hosting is for those who work with PHP, PERL, MySQL, WordPress and uses SSH access.

Web servers


Apache free web server that provides optimal performance PHP and Perl. You can use .htaccess to install additional server settings and customize job scripts using php.ini. Despite the fact that Apache is a cross platform software using the web server mainly on Linux based systems. Currently Apache the most popular web server in the world.

Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) proprietary software with Microsoft, to create a work based on Windows. This web server is desirable to select sites for ASP, which is not planned to use other scripting technologies.

Programming languages


To place on a VPS site created by ASP.NET, the operating system is Windows – the only solution. ASP.NET technology is gaining popularity because it allows you to design complex logic, mixed use projects.

In addition to the family languages .NET, modern Windows hosting also supports PHP. However, it is Linux based web sites written in PHP, show the best performance. This technology was created specifically for Linux and effective functioning in the native environment.



MySQL and MSSQL – two of the most popular database management system, first used on the platform of Linux, the other – on Windows. Select Database – a matter of personal preferences of the developer. It is believed that MySQL is easy to learn and easy to use for novice webmasters. MSSQL is popular among developers of multi-tier enterprise resource and other projects that require high reliability.

To work with Linux-hosting, in addition to FTP, you can also use a special secure protocol SSH. On Windows provides access only via FTP and control panel.

Linux or Windows

We recommended to choose Linux Hosting, if you use We recommend choosing Windows Hosting, if you use
Apache Internet Information Services (IIS)
PHP .NET Framework
Ruby on Rails VBScript
.htaccess Plesk
cPanel and ISPConfig
WordPress, Joomla or Drupal


Thus, the choice of Windows or Linux as a platform for shared hosting entirely depends on with what applications, programming languages and tools you prefer. We can offer you convenient tariffs of shared hosting for both platforms, and provide quality service, because with a competent administration, continuous monitoring of servers and hosting hour support becomes comfortable regardless of platform.

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