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Content management system (CMS)

Content management system (CMS – content management system) – to be?

Today, when the information is changing every minute, the owner of an Internet project it is necessary to have at hand a convenient means of controlling the operation of the site and its content (content). For these purposes and designed content management system. Experience of using positively proven system CMS (Content Management System – CMS), has shown that the creation of quality site, without any serious effort to control the content and support is indeed possible. Easy content management, its support, promotion in search engines – is the distinctive features of CMS.

What is a CMS?

Content management system (content) – is a set of software (kernel, a database, a file system and associated software modules) which are used for input, storage and subsequent display of a large number of dynamic information.


The development of the site based on CMS – content management system – is carried out so that in the future could easily monitor and maintain the site, and change the information posted on it.

Qualitative content management system features:

Intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows the user’s request to display any information stored in the database and the file system.

Effective tools to easily add information to the site and to control the form of its presentation, not having deep knowledge in web technologies.

At the level of content management system stores the Web content, controls the electronic document – all employees can be reused in different areas of the company. This information may also be distributed among clients and partners outside the organization. Data comprising a CMS, may also be used in the customer relationship management (Customer Relationship Management – CRM).

Content management system allows you to continuously monitor the status of your site, and non-technical authors of the information obtained powerful publishing tool and update their own content using a simple yet full-featured tool in the form of a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. .d.).

This helps draw the placement of information on the final site of your employees – professionals in different areas of your company. For example, a sales manager can lead a section of information on products and soliciting clients on a website, marketing – to carry out advertising campaigns, design engineer – to conduct technical section.

As a result, the company saves time and money on training staff, as a content management system reduces the time of placement of new information, allowing you to more quickly receive the published content. This is an important feature of a modern company – the faster the published information, the greater its importance and value, and the more of her return.

Modern content management system allows you to publish all kinds of information in any format, from simple text to audio / video.

Also, at least, a modern CMS should support the following tools:

  • security policy management on the site.
  • the function User Account Control site.
  • various modules work with dynamic content: the publication, file management, etc.
  • rapid change / edit user interface.

CMS is a kind of dynamic control system and has all its properties:

  • Dynamic content management;
  • the creation of information flows and management;
  • safety system.

In addition, addressed to the CMS narrower question – information is presented in the most convenient form for the visitor, the interface is not overloaded with information; at the appropriate level and system performance.

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