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12 working methods of free accommodation backlink to your website

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12 working methods of free accommodation backlink to your website

12 working methods of free accommodation backlink to your website

Often there are situations where the budget for the links (in the future I will use the word “backlinks”) is missing or want a reference for free. Then the question arises: where you can post a link to your website for free? Due to the fact that now forever selling links and rent, many webmaster always just buy links. And for good reason, purchase certainly saves a lot of time and effort, but you spend money and good references are not small money. It is best to buy and receive, and freeway, as it will look more natural. That’s why I decided to share ways of getting free links, which he regularly use.

1. The signatures and profiles on forums

On most forums you can put the URL in your profile during registration, just to insert a link. Understand put not necessarily just the home page, place on the inside pages that require a return backlinks. In many forums, such references are in the noindex and nofollow, but a lot of those where they transmit the weight. In the future, I will share with you the most “better way”, but it will be a little later. If you write “About Me” in forum “Profile”, this information will be considered as a reference text about that improve the quality of links. What would backlinks indexed faster, create a couple of those, write a couple of comments in the last post. If we talk about the signature on the forums, they are almost always closed, you can put them to improve indexing. A great option to place a free link back to your site is young.

2. Exchange links, and articles

Free of charge exchange links with sites need to be sure your subjects, sites of good quality and not to put a large amount of external links to the 1st page (not more than 7-8 pieces), and then you do not come to the filters Google (read about them here).

Personally, I love the exchange of articles more than just links. First, they look more natural, secondly, a good article on the trust resource can bring not only a good weight, but not enough traffic. This option is more suitable for non-zero sites than for the young. Link Exchange or become a very few people want the site without good PageRank (Thematic citation index and PageRank). Is that exactly the same zero site and the good of it will not be much?

3. Social Bookmarking Services

Services tabs are currently no such effect as before. This is not strange, since almost all there is spamming. But if there is to place backlinks to your site is not very often, and the size (not 50 pieces at a time), they will not bring bad effect. I place an average of 1-2 links once every 2 weeks. Find such services is not difficult. On request “social bookmarks” or “Services tabs” in Google you can find many articles and lists of good resources.

4. Comments on the sites or blogs

Comments are most often used by spammers to automated spam robots placed links on different sites. It is because of this on blogs links are closed from indexation or pass the manual moderation. What would your comment was moderated and posted a link, you need to write on the subject and in any case do not spam.

5. The catalog of sites and articles

In the recent past it was one of the most popular ways to add free of external links. Almost every site banished from catalogs. Over time, search engines, these directories have become spammed bunch of sites, and search engines changed their opinion on the quality of links. Now run only harms sites (especially the young). But despite this, there are several directories in the presence of which gives a big plus, It

There are good catalogs, manual moderation (not spammed G directories) are getting into a plus. You can also post your articles to article directories. Just choose carefully catalogs. And do rewrite their existing articles (that used to be unique content) and place in directories category to link to your site.

6. Bulletin board

Here, too, you need to choose the quality of the board. Do not place the spammed. Write a good add, preferably with unique text.

7. Services answer question

Use these free services. I use:, Just again, write answers to the meaning and attach a link. Answer topics is desirable, it should be washed with meaning. If your topic is not present, create it yourself. This is a very good way, which may not always bring the weight to your site, but the traffic on the link is bound to be.

8. RSS catalogs

If you have an online RSS, you can add it to your RSS-directories. Find these directories can be on request «RSS directories’ in any search engine.

9. Social Networks

Now the impact of social networks, more and more sites position on extradition. As for me, now at each site should be Page or a group on the social networks. The more you there will be posts, likes and people will share your articles with your friends, the faster the site will be indexed and more traffic. Google for example, takes into account the number of “1” in the rankings on Google+ .What regard to traffic because of its social networks bring a lot. At least in the most popular social. Networks, you must have accounts and are constantly updating their information and to be active in them

10. Promotions, contests, gifts

Create a share, or a contest on its website. Make gifts to people who would post links to your site. You can again, make different competitions in the social. Networks for placing backlinks. So you get not only a reference, but also a bunch of traffic, brand recognition. Do not regret spending a little money on the shares, they will be the only benefit.

11. Wikipedia

Popular online library allows each person to create and add to the article. Moderation there is very serious, for this you need to write quality articles and where it would be appropriate to add the reference (free) to your website. Links are closed to Google (via nofollow), but open to Yandex.

12. Site

Here you can create your channel and periodically post backlinks for your videos. They certainly are closed from Google (tag nofollow), but Yandex eats them with a bang

Personally, I would select the all options. But it is better to use all the complex as a variety of reference weight has a positive effect on your site. Do good websites with quality content, to communicate online forums, shoot video (and share it), keep a page (or a group) in social networks and then the search engines will love you more than anyone else.

Who knows in another way, please write in the comments.

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