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Google Uses Search Engine Filters Name for Filtering Webpage

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Google Uses Search Engine Filters Name

Hello dear blog readers! I’m Malik and today we will talk about Google Uses Search Engine Filters and methods to solve them.

List of all the filters will demonstrate to Google in image:

aiteducation List of google filters uses

Filters Google what is this: Search engine trying to make the issue as soon as possible relevant to your search eliminating (or reducing positions) bad sites. The names of the different algorithms and Google has them a little more, but the principle remains the same. Consider everything in order.

Google Filter Name: Panda

aiteducation google panda filter

This algorithm filtering of search results-oriented big score on the quality of content on the site. It is available for: non-unique content on the site a large number of duplicate pages glut Keywords not issue ads on the site and the other is one of the most brutal algorithms at Google. It was first launched in February 2011. Since that time, the algorithm is constantly updated and 26 September 2014 came the latest version of Panda 4.1.

Panda filter can be obtained for:

  • Non-unique content online
  • A large number of duplicate pages
  • Glut/Wrong Keywords
  • Not related ads on the site and more

How can put out site from the Panda filter?

  1. If you have a non-unique content, it must be immediately rewritten to the unique (to find out how to check the uniqueness of the text)
  2. Do not spam the keyword
  3. Write text for the people, not for search engine
  4. Remove non-thematic advertising
  5. Remove duplicates pages (see also how to find duplicates of pages)
  6. Close the indexing service on sections of the page is not for people and pages without text

Write webmaster through Google’s review of the site is not necessary, since the algorithm is fully automatic. After fix all the flaws will need to wait until the next update.

Google Filter Name: Penguin

aiteducation google penguin filter

This bird filter as opposed to focused on Panda filter reference component of your site. It was launched in April 2012 and after the launch of Google did not give specific recommendations (it is in the style of Google).

For what you can get Penguin filter:

  • Direct entry of keywords in the anchor text links (no need to exceed the threshold of 30% of the direct entry of keywords for the whole site)
  • For links with spammed keyword (over 30%)
  • For links from sites of questionable quality
  • Prompt very fast for backlink building
  • For a large number of outbound links
  • For outgoing links to resources and low-quality sites banned topics
  • For long domain names and URLs (URL) with a large number of keywords

I advise you to buy links only with the quality of resources and not to sin with the anchors. Do everything as natural, not “sculpt” a reference to where it does not fit within the meaning of. Add links without anchor (this includes links to anchors “click”, “here”, “link”, the domain name, etc.).

Google Filter Name: Sandbox

aiteducation google sandbox filter

This filter does not allow a new site (under the age of 4-5 months) get into the top search results for high-demand.

There are several ways to deal with it:

  • Promotion only Low Request and Medium Request key word (it will gain a good attendance and then the site will be released for the needs of the High Request key word)
  • Buy the old domain and put it on your site

Google Filter Name: Supplemental Results

aiteducation google supplemental results filter

It is applied to pages with duplicate content, pages with a small amount of text or its complete absence. SEO professionals often call him snot.

Check “snot”, you can: Enter a search string in Google for site: -site: (in this case, instead of need to insert your own domain).

How to win this filter:

  • To place a unique text size 1000-1500 characters minimum
  • Close doubles pages from being indexed by the file robots.txt

Google Filter Name: Bombing

aiteducation google bombing filter

This filtering algorithm is applied to sites having a large number of inbound links to the right entering the keyword in the anchor text links.

To overcome this algorithm can be as follows:

  • Remove some of the references to the “sinful” anchors
  • Buy links for dilution (without anchors)

Google Filter Name: Filter -30

aiteducation google filter-30 filter

It applies to the sites using hidden redirects, doorway pages and other ways to slip a text search engine, and the other person. I think you guessed that the penalty is a reduction of such sites by 30 positions in the search results.

To remove the need to remove all redirects, doorway pages and other tricky thing to deceive the creation of Google.

Google Filter Name: Duplicate Content

aiteducation google duplicate content filter

If you have a non-unique content on the site, then the algorithm will come to visit and fall in love with your site

How to deal with this filter:

  • Rewrite all the text on a non-unique unique
  • The use of means of protection against copying text (if the cause of non-unique text was the theft of content)

Google Filter Name: With Quotation

Do not buy links from non-thematic web resources (websites, blogs, etc.) and “acquaintance” with this algorithm does not take place.

If, however, come under this algorithm filtering of search results, then remove the reference to the non-thematic resources and buy a new trust with the theme.

Google Filter Name: Over Optimization

Superimposed on sites with a large number of keywords. What would avoid falling under it, write the text with a density of 5-6% keys (I use the 3 key to an article in 2000-2500 characters and no more than 5 at larger sizes). Dilute words synonyms – it will be a huge plus.

Google Filter Name: Filtering On Page Load Time

aiteducation google page load filter

This filter is the Google search engine for block pages that are loaded for a long time. Try to accelerate your site (optimize code, reduce the weight of the photo, move all the styles in a separate CSS file, etc.).


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